The new brand is inspired by the Italian vocation of creating value: ingenuity and creativity that is able to interpret, transform products, anticipate trends, design and develop new businesses. Planitsphere is the right combination of solid experience and propensity to change, it is Italian style in the international development of tourism and hospitality. Read more

Green living conquers the department store

Not just greater expanses of green walls for the cities, but more nature within shopping areas.


When Travelers are willing to pay for Silence

New luxury consumers don't just want to look good, they want to feel good, as well...


Digital keys to enter a world of fantasy

Technology as a means, not as an end; as a solution to improve and simplify travellers’ lives.


The magical world of the Sacromonte Hotel

The Sacromonte Landscape Hotel in Uruguay removes the boundaries between the natural and the artificial and its totally mirrored facade makes for a fun stay.


The sky in a bubble

Unique and leading edge are perhaps the most accurate terms to describe the Finn Lough Resort in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.


Journey to the Arctic in 5D

The 132 seats of the Cinéma Adventure, plunged into a full 5D environment, catapult visitors to Marineland directly to the heart of the Arctic.


The 5 Consumer Trends that need to be on the radar

Your customer is precious.You’re about to discover the 5 trends that are changing the customers around the world.

The Industry Vision Travel&Hospitality Report is about:

  • Consumer Trends:the new consumer profiles and trends that are transforming the needs of the market and the processes for researching and buying products and services.
  • Trust Index: Italian companies' sentiment ratings about how the sector is doing, its future and the main ongoing changes in product and customers.
  • Evolution in distribution processes: the level of perception in the sector in regard to change in terms of new products, services, communication and sales channels.

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